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Geek Stink Breath Chords

Opening -  F#, E(low E) B x4
 Then verse - F#, E
Play verse over the lyrics- 
Im on a mission to make my decision lead a path of self destruction
A sLow progression killn my complection and its rottn out my Teeth 

Then Pre Chours - A, E
Im on a Roll, no self control
Im Blown off steam with admethanamene
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Then Chours F# E
Well Dont know what i want and that all that i got,And im pickn skabs off my face

Then verse same riff as before but lyrics are as follows
Every hour my blood is turnn sour and my pulse is beating out of time I found a tresure filled with sick pleasure and it sits on a thick white line

Then pre chours chours then interlude

F#, B/E, B x8 

Verse pre chours chours then interlude
then intro 3 times