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Old Black Rum Chords

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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 22:06:17 -0300
From: Tim & Cheryl Wartman 
Subject: g/great_big_sea/old_black_rum.crd

This is quite possibly the best party song.  Everyone loves it.

The Old Black Rum

        G                       D        G
I drank sixteen doubles for the price of one
C                             D
Trying to find the courage to talk to one
            C     G            C      G
I asked her for a dance, not a second glance
My night had just begun

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Well I drink to the Father or the Holy Ghost
I'm kneeling at the altar of my nightly post
So I'll raise the glass, not the first or last
Come join me in this toast

            D                     G
Because the old black rum's got a hold of me
       C                    D
Like a dog wrapped round my leg
        D                     G
And the old black rum's got a hold of me
       C           D    Em   C
Well I'm here for another day, Hey
          C          D     G
Well I'm here for another day

Well the queen of George Street just a walking on by.
Walking on by with some guy who don't care
That she stood in line since half past nine.
And spent three hours on her hair....on her hair
Well her friend is looking at me with an evil grin
I think the bloody racket might soon begin
I must have said something to the George Street queen
and boys I'm joining in


So I drank all of my money and I slept out in the rain
Every day is different but the night are all the same
You never see the sun on the old black rum
But you know I'm gonna do it again