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Eyes Of The World Tab

The following tabs are my first attempt at an online tab posting. I would
like your submissions to help fill the jam-session style of this and
other tunes I will soon post. E-mail me the riffs from your favorite
versions of the song, and we can make a tab Jerry would be proud of!
Eyes of the World by The Grateful Dead
Tabbed from the "So Many Roads" box-set version(San Francisco, CA, 10/19/74)
e--4--4--4----------------|  This part can have the strumming screwed with
B--4--4--4--2--2--4-------|m-  for extended jamming.  Play it softly, not
G--4--4--4--2--2--4-4-----|u-  hitting the strings very much. V is a down
D--2-----2--2--2----2-----|t-  strum, low E to high e, ^ is high to low. The
A-------------------------|e-  second and sixth chords are the return
E-------------------------|  strums in the rhythm.
   v  ^  v  v  v  ^ v


e------------------|-------------------|  Repeat this a few times, and mess
B------------------|-------------------|  with your scales, then return.
G-----7--5---------|----7--5-----------|  This riff is usually used
D-----------7--5h7-|----------7--5\4---|  within the last 2 mins of the
A--5---------------|-5-----------------|  jam.

E-mail additions to, and I will add them to this
file, then post as an update.  I will be posting the first few minutes of
the jam solo, and the scales that are used within the next week.
September 28th 2000
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