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Soulshine Chords

Soulshine - Gov't Mule

This song is fairly easy so I decided since i knew how to play it, why not submit some
chords. ... Well here they are.

Intro: (after piano/organ solo)
Bb F Gm Ab Bb (x2)

Verse 1:
Bb F Gm Bb (x3)
Bb F Gm Ab

Bb F Gm Ab Bb (x2)
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For Verse 2 just play the same progression as Verse 1.
Same follows for Chorus.

Gm Bb 
Gm Bb Ab Bb

Bb F Gm Ab Bb (x2)
Gm Bb
Gm Bb Ab Bb

After Solo follow Chorus chords.
After Chorus follow Solo chords.

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