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Re Hash Tab

Lets tab the first song on the first album of Gorillaz.

by   G O R I L L A Z
submitted by durstorique

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/g/gorillaz/re_hash_tab_ver_2.html ]
RIFF 1			RIFF 2			  RIFF 3
e-------------------    ---------------------      -----------------------|
b-------------------    --------3-3--0-0-----      ---------3-3--0-0------|
g--2-2-2-2----------    --------2-2--0-0--2--      --2-2-2--2-2--0-0--2---|
d--2-2-2-2-------1--    ------------------2--      --2-2-2------------2---|
a-----------2-2--0--    -0-0-0---------------      -----------------------|
e-----------3-3-----    -0-0-0---------------      -----------------------|

Unfortunately I dont know the lyrics, but later is better than never.

Just play the RIFF 1 over and over.

Continue with RIFF 1.
If we cut the verse to pieces, there are two pieces. At the half
of the first piece, there is a change, then play RIFF 2 once.
At the half of the second piece, play RIFF 3 once.
I try to write it down..

 RIFF1   RIFF 1    RIFF 2     RIFF 1   RIFF 1    RIFF 3
I-------------------------I I--------------------------I

I think just play the first riff.

Okay, its very simple guyz, try it, enjoy it.
comments, lyrics to the adress 'durstorique@yahoo.com'
	D U R S T O R I Q U E  alias DURSTORIQUE from hun