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11th Fret Chords

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SONG: 11th Fret
BAND: Gordon Downie
ALBUM: Battle Of The Nudes (2003)
TABBED BY: Ross Guertin (ross_guertin@yahoo.ca)

E   B   E
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/g/gordon_downie/11th_fret_crd.html ]
A          E
So this is fucking off by degrees
    A                   E
And I suppose we turned out to be not-quite Hawaii
    A                   B
But I can float back to sleep
Cause at least you're lying to me
Like music that dances from glowing apartments
As shadows entwine into a creamy darkness
Like jewlery hung down from rich silhouettes
E                              B
Portrays on the sidewalk where wetness reflects
All the colours of evening and the onset of lights
Like the promise of nothing, sweet nothing, tonight.

E  B  C  E  C  E  C  B  E

So this is enacting ecstasy
And I suppose we turned out to be bathroom graffiti
But I can float back to sleep
Cause at least you're lying to me
Like shoveling hope into the infinite us
Til the world surges in yelling, "this is a drug bust"
Might turn up the heat and make us into one person
But then the temperature plunges and the predicament worsens
Til we're a fleck of new snow on the eyelash of a cow
And we melt away, melt away, melt away now