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The Story Of My Old Man Chords

Intro: Bb

Bb                              Eb              E#
 I Don't know too much about too much of my old man
Bb                                       Eb              E#
 I know he walked right out the door, we never saw him again
Bb                                Eb           E#
 Last I heard he was at the bar, doin' himself in
Bb                                       Eb              E#
 I know I got that same disease, I guess I got that from him

Pre chorus:

G             F                Eb
 This is the story of my old man
G               F             Eb
 Just like his father before him
     G              F             Eb     
I'm tellin' you, do anything you can
    G             F            Eb
So you don't end up just like them

Like them

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Chorus:(this part, just play each chord once and let it ring till you change chords)
Bb          G           Eb
 Monday he woke up and hated life
Bb            G             Eb 
 Drank until Wednesday and left his wife
Bb                 G              Eb
 Thursday through Saturday he lost everything
Bb           G      Eb            
 Woke up on Sunday, miserable again

Bb                             Eb             E#
 I remember baseball games and workin' on the car
Bb                             Eb             E#
 Told me that he loved me and that I would go far
Bb                               Eb             E#
 Showed me how to work hard and stick up for myself
Bb                            Eb         E#
 Wish it wasn't too hard to listen to himself

Repete pre chorus
Repete chorus
Bb G Eb Eb X3
Bb G Eb Eb Eb Eb

Bb             G            Eb
Someday he'll wish that he made things right (made things right)
Bb            G          Eb
Long for his family and miss his wife (miss his wife)
Bb            G          Eb
Remember the days he had everything (everything)
Bb         G        Eb
Now he's alone and miserable again

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