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Story Of My Old Man Chords

Song: The Story of My Old Man
Band: Good Charlotte
Album: The Young And The Hopeless
Tabbed by: Josiah (

This is a really easy song. The lyrics might not be completely
correct but i don't know because the CD i have is burned.

Verse 1: Power chords of course

                                 E5            F#5
I don?t know too much about too much of my old man
   B5                                       E5            F#5
I know he walked right out the door and we never saw him again
 B5                             E5          F#5
Last I heard he was at the bar doin? himself in
   B5                                 E5                F#5
I know I got that same disease I got stuck with it from him

Chorus: Guitar 1
G#5          F#5            E5
This is the story of my old man
G#5           F#5           E5
Just like his father before him
     G#5           F#5          E5
I?m tellin? you do anything you can
   G#5           F#5           E5
So you don?t end up just like them

Chorus: Guitar 2

A--6-6-6664-4-4442-2-2222-2-222-| PLAY 4X DURING CHORUS

Verse 2: Clean picking (regular chords, not power chords)
[ Tab from: ]
B         G#m         E
Monday he woke up and hated life
B           G#m            E
Drank until Wednesday and left his wife
 B                G#m          E
Thursday through Saturday lost everything
 B         G#m    E(stop)
Woke up on Sunday miserable again

Interlude between verses 2 and 3:

A--2-2-2222-2-222-| PLAY 3X

Verse 3:

Interlude                      E5            F#5
I remember baseball games and working on the car
    B5                           E5             F#5
He told me that he loved me and that I would go far
    B5                             E5            F#5
He taught me how to work hard and stick up for myself
  B5                          E5         F#5
I wish it wasn?t too hard to listen to himself

REPEAT VERSE 2 but instead of stopping at the end, keep the chord
progression going a couple more times.

Break: Just play the chorus the same way with both guitars

Verse 4:

 B5           G#5            E5
Someday he?ll wish that he?d made things right (made things right)
 B5           G#5        E5
Long for his family and miss his wife (miss his wife)
  B5         G#5          E5
Remember the days he had everything (everything)
B5       G#5       E5(stop)
Now he?s alone and miserable again

That?s it. That song rocks. It is one of the many songs about Joel?s
dad (others include Complicated, Emotionless. Little Things and
Waldorf Worldwide mention him). This tab is pretty much accurate so
have fun with it. Peace out!