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Movin On Chords

D                              B                           G                 
 When I think about my life I wonder if i will survive to live to see twenty 
             A                 D                
five or will I just fall? Like all my friends they just keep dying
B                             G                             A
people round me always crying in this place that I like to call my home

Pre Chorus:

    D                    A                   G
Not everybody knows that everybody goes to a better place
    D                    A                         G
Not everybody knows that everybody could be livin'their last days
        D               A              B              G           A   
But the hard times will come and we'll keep movin'on we're movin'on (keep movin)

D                     G
Life Hope Truth Trust Faith Pride Love Lust
D                                     G  
on without the things we've lost the things we've gaigned we'll take with us
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    D                                B     
And all I got are these two hands to make myself a better man
G                             A
I wonder if i'll ever see the end of this
     D                                   B                               
With all this rain it just keeps fallin' on my head and now I'm calling
G                               A
out to someone else to help me make it through

Pre Chorus

D                     G                     D                     G
Life hope truth trust faith pride love lust pain hate lies guilt laugh cry live die 
D                                  G                        D          
some friends become enemies some friends become your family make the best with 
what you're given this ain't dying this is livin
said we're movin' on and we've got nothing to prove to anyone, but we'll get
through we're movin' on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on Keep movin

Life hope....

that's it. I'll leave you the intro too, it's pretty easy on the "e" string it
goes : 10-10-12-12-10-10-9-9- and repeats itself several times.

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