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Festival Song Chords

This song is really easy.

intro: Dsus A G
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Dsus               A         G
Don't care about a thing today
Dsus        A           G
I used to but I'm fed up
Dsus           A             G
I can't hear the words you say
Dsus           A            G
I wish that you would shut up
Dsus  A            G
I've got resonablity
Dsus    A        G
that is my liblity
Dsus    A         G
a menace to socity
Dsus             A              G
atleast thats what they say to me (NOTE: Let go of the sus and just play D after 3 strums)
D                             A       
Tonight, tonight it's on tonight
 G                         A
I don't want your boring life
D                     A 
and I don't want you 9-5
D     A#           B                 A
or anyone to tell me how to live my life

The second verse is the same as the first and the same with the chorus.

Interlude (Short fast strums)
D    A      G          A
your future is no future
D    A      G          A
your future is no future
D    A      G          A
your future is no future
(back to regular strums)
D     A     G      A
I control my future 

I figured this out for my band.
Hope you enjoy it.