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Complicated Chords

Good Charlotte

C7 e--0--   F# e--1--   G e--3--   C e--0--
   B--1--      B--1--     B--3--     B--1--
   G--3--      G--2--     G--0--     G--0--
   D--2--      D--3--     D--0--     D--2--
   A--3--      A--3--     A--2--     A--3--
   E--x--      E--1--     E--3--     E--X--

Am e--0--   E  e--0-- 
   B--1--      B--0--
   G--2--      G--1--
   D--2--      D--2--
   A--0--      A--2--
   E--X--      E--0--


F#      C7         F#         C7           F#
Alright, here we go, here we go, here we go
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C7       F#           C7            F# C7        F#
And we've been here for so many years, still it seems as if 

C7          F#             C7
you're not there, are you there?...........(cont.)


C        G             Am           E  Am      E  
Ya we've been here for so many years, so many years still I 

G     (stop)          C7        F#      C7       F#
say, so what, so complicated. Ya over rated, alright, 

     C7    F#      C7         F#
complicated, this feeling is love.

Verse 2

Verse 3


Thats it, pretty simple, its a good and easy song