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Song Written by the Goo Goo Dolls
Tabbed by Amy Harriman
PLEASE NOTE: This version is a mild remix of the original version, don't be thrown
by intro.(part 1) just because it's picking, it continues into the original song
This is a pretty tricky tab,so please e-mail me with any questions and I
would be happy to help you:

Tuning (w/ Capo 1st fret): E-->F,A-->C,D-->E,G,B-->C,E-->F

Intro part 1 (picking):


(repeat 3X)

Intro Part 2:
-X-----------------------------  This is really easy to play.  keep in mind it will sound 
-X-----------------------------  simpler because it is played with only one guitar.  Of course
-0-----------------------------  you strum this pattern more than once, but it's mostly rythm.  
-1-----------------------------  Listen to the song to get the timing. The way I strum it is  
-0-----------------------------  down, down, down, up, up, down.  

-X-----------------------------  Same thing as before, strum down, down, down, up, up, down.
-X-----------------------------  Then slide back to the where you started for intro part2 and  
Repeat whole thing 2X.

-X-X-X--0-----X-X-X----X-0--      Okay, this part is kinda tricky, but be patient and think
-X-X-X----0---X-X-X----0-0--      about it as you go, and you'll get it.  What makes it a little
-0-0-0--------X-X-X----4-X--      complicated is there's a certain way your supposed to strike
-1-1-1--------X-X-X----X-X--      the strings.  Again, listen to the song carefully and if you
-0-0-0--------4-4-4----X-X--      can't get it email me with your questions and I'll try to 
-0-0-0--------4-4-4----X-X--      help you out with this one.
Repeat 4X
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-X---------------------------    Like the strumming part of the intro., the key to these two
-X---------------------------    chords is strumming it with the rythm. Also, another key
-0---------------------------    to this part it to stop the strings after each strumming
-1---------------------------    pattern (which in this case will be down down up down down)
-0---------------------------    for where the words fit in.


-----------------------------    This part is exactly the same as intro. part 1. 

Play 2 1/2 X (you play the first part 3X, but the second only twice)

-X---------------------------    This part is optinal, but it does sound better if you fill the blank
-X---------------------------    space in with it.  Listen to the song to get this right, but your 
-X---------------------------    going to use short quick strums that go down down down down down up, then
-0---------------------------    slide to the next chord below this, and do the same thing.


Once you learn everything I've tabbed here, you basically repeat everything (except intro. part 1)
until you reach the end of the song.  The order from here on is something like this,
Intro. Part2 (again)
riff1 (again)
Chorus (again)

*And don't forget, for the billionth time I know I've said this, just listen to the song to get the 
parts right, and if you still can't get it then please just e-mail me and I'll do the best that I
can to help.

Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy this tab!!