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Iris Chords

Album : Dizzy up the girl (1998)
Tabbed by : Alexandre Blanchet
Comments or any thing :

View to all the critics, I decided to make some corrections to make it easier to read.

PRECISIONS ON CHORDS: It is hard to figure out how to name theese chords with such a
tuning. So I just decided to name them according to the proeminent bass note and I gave for
a number if necessary. Also, when the chord includes note that are at 10th fret or more, 
decided to put Ė between the strings to avoid confusion (exemple: D1 : 0-12-12-000).
is really easy to play, but just have the patience to figure out with the chords. If it 
too confusing for you, take a pen and write over each chords the way to play it so you 
have to get back to the list all the time.

TUNING : BDDDDD (E down to B; A down to D;
stays the same; G down to D; B UP to D; E 
to D)

Chords :

B : 000000
C : 2X0000
D : X00000
D1 : 0-12-12-000
D2 : X12-11-000
D3 : 3X0000
E : 5X0000
G : 8X0000
G1 : X55000
G2 : X54000

Intro : D1 D2 D1 G1 G2 D   2X

[ Tab from: ]
         D3         E        G
And Iíd give up forever to tuch you
         B             A           G
Caus I know that you feel me some how
                D3         E               G
Youíre the clossest to heaven that Iíll ever be
        B         A            G
And I donít wanna go home righ now


And all I could taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
And sooner or later its over
I just donít wanna miss you tonight

play intro (2 times)


        D1             D2         G
And I donít want the world to see me
         B2        C                 G
Caus I donít think that theyíd understand
        D1         D2            G
When everything Ďs made to be broken
   B2         C            G
I just want you to know who I am


And you canít fight the tears that ainít coming
All the moment of truth in your lies
When everythigís feels like the movies
Yeah your bleed just to know youíre alive

Create your solo as you wich.

End of solo and transition to the las chorus:

B  C   E