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Superman Chords

This is my first song, i hope you like it...:D   (btw, i'm from the Netherlands :P)

D         A         E            G?            E   
So here I am, doing everything I can.  Holding on to what I 
D              G           A 
am, pretending I'm a superman.

D             A     Em                G
I'm trying to keep  the ground on my feet.  
   G                 D            A
It seems the world's falling down around me.
D                  A     Em               G
The nights are all long, I'm singing this song
   G                D                 A
to try and make the answers more than maybe.

(This part uses barre chords:)
        G  D   A            G    E  D       G   
And I'm so con-fused, about what to do, sometimes I wanna 
A                D
throw it all away.

D         A           Em            G            Em
So here I am, looking older all the time. Growing older 
        D              Em            A
all the time, feeling younger in my mind.
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D             A     Em               G
I'm trying to sleep. I lost count of sheep.
   G              D            A       D  
My mind is racing faster every minute.  What could
     A    Em                   G      G  
I do more? Yeah I'm really not sure. I know I'm 
        D             A
running circles but I can't quit.
        G  D  A           G    E  D
And I'm so confused about what to do.  
    G               A
Sometimes I want to throw it all away.

Am                        G                 
Controlling everything in sight, I'm feeling weak I don't
     Em              		        Am             G 
feel right. You're telling me I have to change, telling me
          Em                         Am         G 
to act my age. But if all that I can do is just sit and
           Em                                Am 
watch time go, then I'll have to say goodbye. Life's too 
G                 Em               A?
short to watch it fly, so watch it flyyyyyyyyyy.

I don't have the solo's etc, but i hope you also like ik without the solo's.