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Bad Magick Tab

Artist: Godsmack
Song Title: Bad Magick
Album: Awake
Tabbed by: Nick Smith (n_smith90@hotmail.com)

Tuning: from low to high  C G C F A D
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/g/godsmack/bad_magick_tab.html ]
Repeat Several Times
D -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
F -----------------------13----13----13----13----13----14----14----14----14----14----14
C --12----15----12----12----12----12----12----12-----0-----0------0-----0------0------0
G --12----15----12----11----11----11----11----11----12----12----12----12----12----12
C --12----15----12-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Repeat Several Times
D ------------------------------------
A ------------------------------------
F  ------------------------------------
C --5----8----5----5----5----5----6
G --5----8----5----5----5----5----6
C --5----8----5----5----5----5----6

This is the part after the chorus
D -------------------
A -------------------
F --------------------
C --5----5----5----3
G --5----5----5----3
C --5----5----5----3

Just palm mute on the 5th fret C G C strings when he says  "Gettin back…back on track…get off of my back"

Then play the same strings on the 5th fret but don't palm mute.

I think that's about it. If you find anything that isn't right, e-mail me so I can fix it. Thanx.