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Its My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry Chords

Same all the way through

 let the raining teardrops rain down on me tonight 
 i think making up, faking up stories is alright 
 tick tock stop the clock, fiction is my thing 
 my attitude is always i and me and mine 

oh iím so clever, i'm so clever, i'm so clever 
until my paranoia kicks in then iíll accuse her 
of doing all the worst things i do best 
its funny how me fucking her about 
has got me in this fucking mess 

liar liar liar liar liar liar pants on fire 
lies alibis lies more alibis 
from the truth, i admit iím more than shy 
ainít it the times we are living in 
everybodyís doing it so why cant i? 
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i tally up tonightís strangers 
and stragglers that iíve kissed 
training ground notches, perfectly executed notches 
and near misses 
its all about going out and getting pissed with eagle eyes 
and sincerity bottom on my list 
whatís the story morning glory? 
i feel so low and worthless, yeah 

so this is where the outcome unfurls and the truth is being told 
a cloud has gathered over my head and now i know 
infidelity and my good friend ecstacy doesnít work, it makes you worse 
iím feeling so guilty about the things i said to my mum when i was ten year old 
iím feeling so guilty about any old shit 
and how i think my missus is fucking every guy that she looks at 
this is it, this is it, this is it, this it 
the end was always coming and now its here 

so this is the grande finale 
the crescendo of demise 
this is the happy ending 
where the bad guy goes down and dies 
this is the end 
with me on my knees and wondering why? 
cross my heart, hope to die 
its my own cheating heart that makes me cry