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Little Green Bag Bass Tab

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From: Timothy Ashley 
Subject: TAB: Bass for Little Green Bag/Geo. Baker
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 01:57:27 -0500 (EST)

Little Green Bag by George Baker
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Since I tabbed the guitar riff from this catchy tune (famous from QT's
"Reservoir Dogs") I have received tons of mail asking for the bass tab,
so here it is.
I imagine this is one of the most
gratifying and easy songs a beginner could add to his (or her) repetoire (I
can  only remember the hook off the top of m'head, and I don't have the disc):
> D-0---0-3-0---0-0-------|----------------------0-3-0-|
> A---3-------3-----3---0-|---0---0-3-0---0-3----------|
> E-------------------3---|-----3-------3--------------|
> That's about it.  It looks a little squooshed, sorry. These aren't really
musical bars necessarily, but more the natural breaks in the riff.  You'll
get it when you try it- There's 2 distinct pieces.