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Am I Very Wrong Chords

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From: "Nikos Petrellis" 
Subject: g/genesis/am_i_very_wrong.crd
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 09:15:43 -0800

Song : Am I Very Wrong
Album : From Genesis to the revelation
Transcription : chords for Guitar or Piano

Transcripted by Nikos Petrellis, engineer, GREECE

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I have not transcribed the introduction in detail but the chords played by
piano are
C	F	Gsus4	D7

Verse 1
Cm	    D#
   Fm				G		Cm
Cm	    D#
   Fm				G		Cm

Cm A# G# A# G# Cm A# G# A# Cm

Verse 2 like Verse 1

Repeat Break

C		F
C		Gsus4  D7	F		C
C		Gsus	D7

Verse 3 like Verse 1

Repeat Break

Repeat once Chorus ending with :
C		F		C	D7