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Stupid Boy Chords

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From ALINDEMAN@OCVAXC.CC.OBERLIN.EDU Sun Apr 27 11:09:58 1997
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 23:57:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: Brian Lindeman -- Office of Financial Aid
Subject: TAB: Stupid Boy by the Gear Daddies

Here's my take on this classic from the champions of happy Minnesota angst.

Stupid Boy by the Gear Daddies [track one on "Billy's Live Bait"]

[verse 1]

G          C               G
Hey I feel sick and I feel used

              C               G
You ain't the boy I thought I knew

C                                                                           G
You know you something something else
[ Tab from: ]
          D               G       D
You never think of no one else


G  C              G                 D
Lord I'm sick and lord I'm tired of love

G  C           D
Lord I can't believe it's true

G                 C
You'd think after five years I would

G              D
Know you but I don't

And after all this time

I come to find

You're just another stupid boy

C                          G
You're just another stupid boy

[verse 2]

Hey I'd done anything for you
Just 'bout anything you'd asked me to
I put your needs above my own
Now I can't stand to be alone

Gear is good!

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