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Version: 4 Type: Tab

Falls On Me Tab

Tabber: Jonathan Rafaiani
I just tabbed the intro cause that seemed to be the main part that no one could get.
the main difference in my tab is the last 2 chords of the intro.  all the other tabs
were pretty far off (D sounds good, but they dont use D) and mine sounds right when i
play it with the song.  Would have done the whole thing, but i have an exam tomorrow.
(whoever created probabilities should have taken up a hobbie, like guitar or learning
to explain yourself clearly)

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/fuel/falls_on_me_tab_ver_4.html ]
  Fmaj7sus2       Am                  Fmaj7sus2       Am

  Fmaj7sus2        Am                D4sus2