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Still Small Voice Chords

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From: (John A. Sisk)
Subject: CRD: "Still Small Voice" by Rob Frazier

till Small Voice         by Rob Frazier      the "Heartland" CD
   intro    ----------------------------

  G  / O / Em  /  C  /  G 
/  C  /  G

  O / Em  /  C  /  D   /  C

  O    Em C                   G    C G
highways run     all  across my

    O    Em C                  D  C
highways run    to the wildest

     O   Em C              G    C G
here i   stand at the crossroads

           Am C                   D
how will i  know   which way to go---

         O    Em C               G   C G
 'cause i have been   to the
Holy book

        O  Em  C                  D     C
a time of  prayer
i have not over looked

                   O     Em C               
  G  C G
but  theres a thin thin  line    next to compromise

              Am C                    D
that i might cross  over    with
out a guide

----------------------------           chorus          ---------------------

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            O       Em  C                 G C G
then a still small   voice
 whispers in my ear

        O     Em  C            D C
a still small
voice only i can hear

              O Em  C                 G     C
when the Spirit speaks i must make my choice

             Am C  
to head or ignore the still small voice
       end of chorus       ___________________

          O   Em C  
             G    C G
the Christian life    is a battle ground

      O  Em C                       D  C
and far to often i've laid my
weapons down

           O  Em C                 G    C G
and there
are times i have been confused

           Am C                 D
know i know there's no excuse
----------------------------------    repeat
chorus    -------------

--------------------------------          bridge

       Em                  C            Em      
it's a voice that gives me courage -- a voice that makes
me strong

       Em                  C                  Em         
it's a voice that gives me wisdom to know the right the
right from the wrong

  Em                  C                 Em    
a voice that calls me gently but it's a voice i must obey

        Em                C              Em             C    D
it's the
voice of God with-in me and He's showin' me the way----

   repeat chorus    --------

O = STRUM A&D strings open once
& 3rd string from top)