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Mr Blue Chords

Mr Blue 
	(Michael Franks)

Gm    Gsus   Gm    Ebmaj7     VOX: [D]We [Bb]touched

Gm              C9          Bbmaj7
We touched like watercolour fawns
Bbmaj7                Eb7
In landscapes painted by Cezanne
Eb7                  D7
Like lovers floating painted by Chegall
Gm          C9           Bbmaj7
But you and I were you-I then
Bbmaj7                Eb7
We thought the rush would never end
Eb7                  D7
We thought the sky, the sky would never fall
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Ebmaj7      F                   Bb
We lived we loved we laughed we cried
Bb                   Bbm     Eb/Ab
We'll never die, and now I think of you
      Ab                   F7/C
And I change right into Mr Blue

Gm           C9             Bbmaj7
You say your lover buys you lace
Bbmaj7           Eb7
I say he's fine, I like his face
Eb7                     D7
I guess you still think love will conquere all
Gm          C9                Bbmaj7
I know, but it's not what you think
Bbmaj7          Eb7
I only hope it stays in sync
Eb7          D7
I only want, I want to wish you well

Repeat Chorus

Out: repeat w laidback guitar solo
Gm    Gsus   Gm    Ebmaj7

Gsus	xx5533
Ebmaj7	x65333
C9	332333
Bbmaj7	xx3231
Eb7	x6564x
D7	x5453x

Figured out by Bill Diggens