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Stitches And Burns Chords

 fra lippo lippi
 stitches and burns
 tabbed by: Mark Lavalle




F       G              C
People say that im a fool
Well, I don't know
F            G                 Am           F
At least I found out what it takes to be strong
F         G             C
I was dreaming all day long
A drifting cloud
F               G            Am            F   pause
With eyes wide open I would choose not to see
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                   F           G      
Now I don't wanna see you anymore
                    C                Am
Don't wanna be the one to play your game
                  F                  G
Not even if you smile your sweetest smile
                 Am                F
Not even if you beg me darling please

Do verse chords:
Say good morning to the world
I hope you like it
Take good care o' all those things that we had
I've been looking for a way for too long now
Seems like everything must come to an end

repeat chorus 2x -

  Dm     G
Time after time
    C                   F     
Nothing that I can't do
     Dm                          Em
Knowing you ways and loving your ways
       F                  G             
But not getting through at all
    Dm     G
Day after day
      G                    F
Leaving the past behind
      Dm                    Em
Coming to terms with stitches and burns
             F                    G
And learning to fly again

-   repeat chorus 2x -