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Going Down To Laurel Chords

Capo on 2nd fret
[C-G-Dmin-G] Intro: play 3 times (1 harmonica + 2 guitar)

Well [C] everybody here, [G] seems to like to laugh
[Dmin] Look at Johnny jivin' across [G] the floor
He [C] can play the fool and [G] make a few mistakes,
[Dmin] But all the same he'll never be [G] a bore

I'm [C] glad to be so young [G] talkin' with my tongue
[D min] Glad to be so careless in [G] my way
[C] Glad to take a chance [G] and play against the odds
[D min] Glad to be so crazy in [G] my day

Well [C] I'm goin' [C/B] down to [A min] Laurel
[G] It's a dirty stinkin' town [Am] yea
[F] But me I know [G] exactly what I'm going to [Am] find
[C-G-A min] [D min] Little girl [E min] I'm goin' to see
[Am] She is a fool for [C] lovin' me
[F] But she's in love [G] and love's a funny state of [C] mind
Yes it is (on second chorus)
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Well [C] what was that you said [G] when you had a tear
[D min]Rolling down your cheek the [G] other night
[C] I couldn't catch it all [G] there's something going wrong
[D min]I hope you got it straightened out [G] alright

[C] Everything's so loud [G]and everything's so fast
[D min]I here your brother married once [G]again
Yea [C] best of luck and all and [G] try to have some fun
[D min]They tell me this great life can always [G] end

harmonica theme again: [C-G-D min-G]

I'm [C] smilin' from a car, I'm [G] goin' for a drive
[D min]Feel the whistle blowin' breeze gone [G]flying by
[C] Mirror's on the moon, [G] echo in the sun
[D min] See just a touch of madness [G]in my eye

[C]Please don't mention rain, [G] please don't talk of trains
[D min]Please don't mention buildings burning [G]down
[C]Everybody here seems [G] to like to laugh
[D min] Either step in time or just don't hang [G] around

harmonica theme again: [C-G-D min-G]

Lyrics supplied by Marco De Liguoro
(acknowledgement to Fred Kinas for his help on lyrics)