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Tired Of You Chords

Tired of You
By the Foo Fighters
Chords transcribed by >>AlbiN<<

Gm - - - Gm - - - Gm - - - Gm - - -
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I can be your liar
Gm                          F
I can be your bearer of bad news
Dm       C
Sick and uninspired by the
Gm etc.
Diamonds in your fire (not actually sure which order the lyrics
are in, these are the only bits i can remember)

C                      Gm
So shame on me for the rues
C                       Gm
And shame on me for the blu-ues
Am                                         F#
A something something something I'll never use

Can't be bothered to tab out the "Of you----ou---ou" bit (soz,
lazy it i kno)
I'll leave that to you.