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Stacked Actors Tab

"Stacked Actors" By the Foo Fighters. Guitar Tab

all those guys out ther who think they know how to play the intro are wrong!

its like this.

first detune the bottom e to an A. huge detune and hard to keep in tune.

tuning e,b,g,d,a,a

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                                      the two 4's are harmonics

e---0----0---0---0--|  e---0----0-0--0---0--|
b---1----1-/-3-\-1--|  b---1----4-4--3-\-1--|
g---2----0---0---0--|  g---2----0-0--0---0--|   repeat whole thing twice
d---2----2-/-4-\-2--|  d---2----5-5--4-\-2--|   let open strings ring thru out
a-0---0--3-/-5-\-3--|  a-0---0--6-6--5-\-3--|
A-------------------|  A--------------------|

  repeat 3 times then  4th time             

Check out the other tabs for the solo no point in doing it again.