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See You Chords

See You- by the Foo Fighters  from "the Colour and the Shape"
tabbed by weevil (

tuning: eadgbg.. you need to tune the high e string up 
to g.. just use the 8th fret of the b string instead of 5 to tune
the high e. keep in mind the song will NOT sound correct if you dont
tune your guitar this way

chords: sorry if i got the names wrong but here they are

F7 = 13124x
E7 = 02213x
A7 = x02220
A7aug = x02230
Ab = 4665xx
G  = 3554xx
C  = x3555x

these notes are marked return to sender

F7              E7               A7

i'll save this letter for my self

F7              E7           A7

i wish you only knew (start Riff 1) 

F7           E7

how good it is to see you

 A7            A7aug               

               to see you

 A7            A7aug 

               to see you ooooo oooooo 

 A7            A7aug         Ab     A7    

oooooo      ooooooo     oooooooo
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 F7            E7         A7

oooooo      ooooooo     oooooooo

 F7            E7         A7

these steps i take dont get me anywhere

 F7           E7               A7

i'm getting further from myself

F7           E7           A7

one thing is always true

F7           E7          

how good it is to see you

(same as previous chorus including Riff 1)

im done resenting you


you represented me so well

G                      A   C

and this i promise you


how could i end up in the hands of someone else

F                         E                  A-=riff 1=-