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Learn To Fly Chords

Im am definitely not a great guitarist but i cant understand why know one can tab a song correctly. The other tab for this is close but transposed up i think

Foo Fighters
Learn to Fly

So simple just listen to string that plays bass note

B(slide to)C#, E(7th fret)  *all power chords
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B,C#,E (let E and B strings ring open)

Chorus(same as intro)
G                A
Make my way back home....


Fly along...
B, G, A, Emaj, G, A

Thats it

B x2(4)4xx and x24400
C# x4(6)6xx and x46600
E x7(9)9xx and x79900
Emaj 022100
A 577(6)xx
G 355(4)xx