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A Prayer For Me In Silence Chords

Band: Flogging Molly
Album: Speed of Darkness
Song: Prayer for Me in Silence
Tuning: Standard

[Verse 1]
I've been walking miles forever
Through these footprints of my life
When I offered you my sadness
           Am   G  Am
You took home with delight
Eat my heart when you are hungry
I have nothing more to give
Let us not forget each other
           Am   G   Am 
When our wounds begin to spill
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         F                C      
So say a prayer for me in silence
         F                C
Let no cathedral mock our hearts
         F                C
That's when I will be forgiven
            Am  G  C
Let us never fall apart

[Verse 2]
I've been wrong on more occasions
Than I'd like to recognize
But there's room in our vocation
If we read between the lines
Every house needs a foundation
So the mortar we'll supply
We'll be broke but never broken
Let us laugh until we cry