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Over And Over Chords

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From:   Susann Davis [jsdsa@westol.com]
Sent:   Thursday, January 08, 1998 7:29 PM

Over & Over
As written by Christine McVie
Recorded by Fleetwood Mac
>From the album "Tusk"
submitted by Susann Disbro-Davis (jsdsa@westol.com)

capo 2nd fret


C D G   C D G
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                         C      G                 Em
Could you ever need me? And would you know how?
C                       D            G
Don't waste our time, tell me now.       C   D
G                   C   G               Em
All you have to do is speak out my name
C                       D                  G
And I would come running, anyway.

       Em               G/D
And I said, could it be me?
Could it really, really be?
Over & over

G                 C      G                Em
Don't turn me away, and don't let me down.
C            D               G
What can I do to keep you around?


Instrumental similar to verse, repeat chorus
G            C            G          C   G
over & over, over & over, over& over....