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Are You A Hypnotist Chords

"Are You A Hypnotist??"
The Flaming Lips
from "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots"
tabbed by arlen b, 04/22/03
website: http://www.geocities.com/kingoftheeskimos

standard tuning

chords used:
  G#    Bb    C   Cmaj7   G     G7    Am    G6    Em    F

intro: G#    Bb   (C    Cmaj7     G    G7    G          C) -repeat

this lead beginning on first C (w/ variation throughout song):


[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/flaming_lips/are_you_a_hypnotist_crd.html ]
also, a note for the remainder of the song, there is almost always a guitar 
doing a simple lead over the main chords, but it follows no perceptible
pattern (for the most part) and is quite easy to figure out should you so
desire; therefore, i won't be transcribing it, cos it would take a hell of
a long time. and, on with the song...


C   Cmaj7     G         G7  G            C
I   had    forgiven you for tricking me again

    C   Cmaj7      G            G7  G     C  
But I   had   been tricked again  into forgiving you


Am         G6   Am                     Em
   What is this?? Are you some kind of hypnotist?? 

F           G       Am 
Waving your powers around

    G#            Bb       C
The sun eclipse behind the cloud

verse 2: as before

I thought I recognized your face amongst all of those strangers
But I am the stranger now amongst all of the recognized

chorus 2: as before

and that's about it, methinks.