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I woke up / this morning / I couldn't / stop yawning
I looked down / to my shock / your mums lips / round my cock
I slapped her / the fat hoe / she wouldn't / a let go
your brother / is fucking / your aunt and / your duckling....up
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I jump up / I get dressed / I'm faced with / your man breasts
I try to / avoid you / get slapped by / your aunt sue
she tries to / a rape me / she's likely / to mame me
your uncle / is blowing / I'm running / I'm throwing....up


And it's happened once again
I've slept at a friends
Someone doesn't understand
not to sleep with his gran
But everybody's gone
I don't wanna suck your shlong
I don't care if its grown
Well I guess this is being inbred
Well I guess this is being inbred

I'm out the house / I'm out the door / I'm running / for ever more
you chase me / I run fast / I know that / you want ass
I'm cornered / oh shit fuck / I offer you / a fast buck
please just / put down the rake / I'm your dad / for fucks sake

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Well, I guess this is being inbred [2x]
Well, I guess this is being inbred