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Dawnrazor Tab

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			Dawnrazor -Fields of the Nephilim
TAB by: John Mc Donagh(

All corrections welcome. This is a very rough version of the TAB...
And you should be able to get your own timings. Please send me in the riff 
towards the end and fill-ins bt. riffs.

Riff A:		 Riff B:	   Riff C:
e|---------	--------------    --7-----5-----
B|---------	--------------    ----5---------
G|-7----5--	--------------    ------5-------
D|---------	--2-0---------    --------------
A|---------	------3-2-0---    --------------
E|---------	--------------    --------------

Riff D:

Intro is Riffs...

[ Tab from: ]
Main Verse goes:
	A-B    (ie Riff A the Riff B)

	Cut to razor sounding violins
	Recall your cutthroats and razor sin
	We're watching Heaven as the sun goes down
	I'll watch the sun bursting.. Hit the ground 


	You've got to [ 	]
Chorus: Dawnrazor's falling, The Razor Sin      {Rouse the sky}
	Dawnrazor's falling, The Razor Sin	{nb: Sin sounds like sign}

Then:- B

	Dawnrazor  Dawnrazor      Well how ?
	Dawnrazor  Dawnrazor      Well how ?


	Women in dreams abide, better than lost before
	Women in dreams abide, better than cut before

	Cuts in razor sound in body and limb
	Recall your cutthroats and razor sin
	You've got to [ 	]
	Dawnrazor's falling, The Razor Sin
	Dawnrazor's falling, The Razor Sin
	Dawnrazor's falling, The Razor Sin
	DawnAngel's fall, The Razor Sin

Lyrics by me too(with help from Robert Schmitz).

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