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Subject: Feels like Heaven - Fiction Factory
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Well, now it's time to give my little contribution to this archive for guitar
players. I've got so many emotions from this stuff that I think that the
only way to say "thank you" is to add just another song.
							Angelo Taibi

(Feels like) Heaven - Fiction Factory
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D	               Bm      G	     	D
Heaven is closer now today the sound is in my ears
 				Bm	G      	    D
I can't believe the things you say they echo what I fear
			      Bm     G		       D
twisting the bones until they snap I scream but no one knows
			     Bm		G		Em
you say I'm familiar cold to touch and then you turn and go
 	G	D
feels like heaven ...

See how we planned for saddened eyes and tears to pave the way
I fought the fever as I knew my hair returned to grey
study your face and fade the frame too close for comfort now
we can recall the armony that lingered but turned soon
feels like heaven ...

Em         G	Em      G
You wanted all I had to give
Em	G     Em       A
see me I feel see me I live

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