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    Song:home for the summer (b-side to seven days in the sun)

    This is a pretty simple acoustic song from feeders 7 days in the sun
    single.You need to put a capo ont he 3rd fret to play along with the track.

    Intro/verse. "Its hard for me to comprehend....."

    G  D  Dsus4  Am7  C

    Bridge. "Im waiting for an angel now..."

    Am  C


    G  D  Dsus4  Am7  C  (timing quicker than verse)

    End bit. "lifes a picture show...."

    F  Am


[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/feeder/home_for_summer_crd.html ]
    Its hard for me to comprehend holdong on with broken hands,
    But who would ever understand.
    Wallow in the icy gray whats in store for us today,its never gonna be the same.


    Im waiting for an angel now,to carry me above the clouds
    But its a long way home for the summer,


    Its a long way home without a letter,
    Its a long way home for the summer,
    Its a long way down.

    Verse 2:

    Swallowing the bitter taste trying to find a remedy,
    Before the crystal breaks.
    (sorry..forgot next line)

    Then repeat the bridge and chourus.And....


    Lifes a picture show,
    Frame by frame we grow.

    There it is just listen to the cd to get the timing,it`s pretty simple :)
    Any comments,corrections,general rubbish....Inbloom_dean@hotmail.com.