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Brand New Artist... CD Hasn't come out yet... but Trust me... You'll like them... All
Chick Group! Way better then Lillix and The Donnas!

Capo 2 Steel	Approx. 3:30


Play Intro on first verse, but on Asus2 strum chord "down, up, down," and don't play
the "hammer" line when Asus2 is being played).

E					D
Sometimes I just gotta stay away
E					D	  Asus2
Sometimes I just gotta get away from you
E					 D
It don't matter what ya gotta say
E						D   Asus2
Cuz this stuff ain't gonna work itself out
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D9	Am	    C	  Asus2		Am
Oh  I have trouble saying this to you
D9		Am	 C	   Asus2	 Am
Oh and I won't do this to you right now
C			Am
But I just can't take it
C			Am
I know I won't make it
F(bar)		  D
I just don't understand

E			    D
This thing just won't do
E					  D	   Asus2
I know it won't work for me or you... oh

G3 chord riff-Fr-3 Fr-1 Fr-5 Fr-3 Fr-3 Fr-8 Fr-5 Fr-3 Fr-1 Fr-3 Fr-1 Fr-3

    Em		   Dm
Cuz maybe it's just not the same to me
Em			    Am
I can't take this anymore
    Em	    Dm
And maybe I'll feel like
Am	Em
I made the wrong choice
  Am	  Em	     D9 D9-1F
At the wrong time for you

F(bar)		 A(bar)	D9 A D9 Asus2 E
I just won't understand anymore		  oh...