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Heck Yeah Summer Chords

Intro:   Am   Am/G   Em F  x2 root note & more strumming, then x2 with more strumming) 
C  Cadd9         F              x2

          C            F         C              F 
In the winter  all we have is summer to look forward to, 
              C                 F          C                 F                   intro x2
and in the summer all we're granted is a sunburn face with nothing to do. 

You came just like a dream, on a night I was feeling so lonely. 
You kicked sand in my eyes, and when I opened them I was blind.
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C        F       F    G       C     C      F    F      G         C 
Do you know the way I look at you? Can you     keep a secret for me?


intro x2

I'm getting tired of waiting, these legs are sore from pacing, 

just then she peaks her head out. 

She says "Not tonight!"

Interlude : play C & F alot with some high notes improvised


end on C