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Fucking Liar Tab

			     Fucking Liar - The Exploited

Tabbed by:Cole Ewton


Intro/Main Riff
E  :------------|(X16)
B  :------------|
G  :------------|
D  :------5-3-1-|
A  :-3333-7-5-3-|
E  :-5555-------|
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/exploited/fucking_liar_tab.html ]

E  :---------------------|(X4)
B  :---------------------|
G  :---------------------|
D  :------1111------3333-|
A  :-3333-3333-1111-5555-|
E  :-5555------3333------|

I cant figure out the solo so i just went with what most of the song is played on.Im 
sure thats the correct way to play it.If you just listen to the song youll get the beat 
and itll sound good make sure to add distortion.