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This is a correction to the tab you have posted for this song, not that 
anybody who listens to it for 2 seconds couldn't pick it up, but.... 
I believe this song is played totally in G/C during the verse, with a 
C F D# transition during the chorus. I think the person who posted is 
thinking of another song. 

E---3---3---0h3 0h3---3p0h1----1--1p0----------0h6--0---3-----3 0h3 0h3 --------- 
and repeat 

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/everlast/ends_btab.html ]
verse is 
A----------------------------1/3 0h3 0h3-------3--------------------------------- 
E-----3------0h3 0h3 ---------------------------------0h3-----0h3 0h3------------

This is the basic song, there is a slight walk in C about the 3rd or 5th
 verse in, try a basic low blues walk funk speed but don't hit the G until 
you come back to it for the song (unless of course going straight back to C), 
and you'll be okay. Lots of hammer on feel for smoothness. 
Hope this helps, don't usually post tabs but this really disturbed me...... 
: P