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Out Of My Depth Bass Tab

---------7-9---------5-7---------3-5---------5-7------|  (play 1st part 3X
-----7899--------5677--------3455--------5677---------| on 1st time)
out of my depth,
lost in the air
falling past her like a broken elevator
out of my depth
lost in the dark
waiting for that other shoe to come down hard
i can not communicate like i wish i could
i do not deal with my problems like i know i should
i am out of my depth
i am out of my league
watchin everything just slip away from me
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something bad is gonna happen
i can feel it deep inside
there are shadows all around me
like a dark moon on the rise

oh, woah
i am in over my head
im in too deep here over my head
i should keep my opions to myself
i guess i am out of my depth

outro-the bass dosent actually play this but its fun to play