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My Immortal Tab

This is my first Tab
Its an amazing song

Intro/Verse (Im so tired of being here ...)

A, Amaj7 

Play these two chords as you want, to make it sound like the piano is pretty hard
I like this way

 A                Amaj7

Pre Chorus (These Wound wont seem to heal ...)

I usually stop picking here and play chords once or twice a beat

F#m     Amaj7     (3x)
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/evanescence/my_immortal_tab.html ]
F#m     A5  F5    (1x as brigde to chorus)

Chorus (When you cried I wiped away all of your tears ...)

These Power Chords are played in the last chorus, you can play them in the others too

F#5     D5      E5      A5  F5            (3x)

F#5     D5      E5      E    		  (1x as bridge to verse)

Play E5 on the A string at the 7th fret and E on the open E string


Im not crazy and figure this out for you... buy it if you have to know it

However, just play something in F#m and use alot of thumb flageolet over the middle pickup with bendings