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Let It Grow Chords

Let it Grow
eric "god" clapton
from the album: 461 Ocean Boulevard

This is a piece of music, one of the greatest.......

in the verses, where you can see a F#m, it may be a F#7.
choose what you like the most.

1.      Bm		F#m
	standing at the crossroads

	D		   E	  G
	trying to read the signs

	to tell me which way I should go

	Bm	       F#m
	go to find the answer

	    D		   E	  G
	and all the time I know

		   A  		   B
	plant your love and let it grow

chorus.B       B/Bb	    B/Ab	B/F#
	let it grow, let it grow

       E       B	       A
 	let it blossom, let it flow

       B       B/Bb                      B/Ab	    B/F#
	in the sun the rain the rain the snow

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       E        B     A        F#
	love is lovely, let it grow

2.	Bm	      F#m
	looking for a reason

	D		   E	  G
	to check out on my mind

	trying hard to find a friend

	Bm	   F#m
	that I can count on

	       D 		E	G
	there's nothing left to show

		   A 		   B
	plant your love and let it grow


BRIDGE	G	E	Em	Bm	F#(2x)
	(i'm not sure if it is exactly this)

3.	Bm		F#m
	time is getting shorter

	D		       E	G
	there's much for me to do

	only ask and you get

	Bm	     F#m
	what you are needing

	    D		  E	  G
	the rest is up to you

		   A		   B
	plant your love and let it grow


		I think that is all, folks.