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Adieu Chords

Hi everyone. After learning the tab version of this song i noticed that there were no 
chord versions of this song on the site. So here it is. It's not exactly the same as the 
but its good just to play and sing along to. please rate and comment. cheers :)

Tuning half step down (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)


Verse 1
And i long for you to appear,               G
After loosing your way acorss star riddled skies,
To carry you home. x2
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Verse 2
  D       Bm   G
I cherish my loss,
  D      Bm      G
A gentle reminder,
 D       Bm   G
Life is unkind,
D      Bm       G
At the best of times

Repeat verse 1 and 2 once each.

Break (the look up into the skies bit)
D, Bm, G

D, G x2

D              Esus2         Bm           G
Home could be anywhere when i am holding you.

Thats it just keep repeating the outro til the end. enjoy!