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Timberline Chords


Oh the stars they did shine
              Eb                  Bb  
The night you swore that you'd be mine
                              F              Bb
And you promised always to be true and to be kind
On that Shenandoah Hill
          Eb           Bb 
Where our love bloomed until
        Gm      F                   Bb
I went away and left those promised behind
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But when I rise frmo the timberline
              F                    Bb  
And call your name will you rember mine?
And the sweetest kiss will be the tie that binds
                    Bb   F            Bb
Like the wild, wild rose and the columbine

To that place I will go
Where th wildwook flowers grow
With a ribbon in my hair and a gown of calico
To those Shenandoah Hills
I'll go back I swear I will
To the sweetest kiss my lips will ever know

Chorus (repeat and fade)

By: Josť Duarte