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Stan Chords

Artist: eminem
Song: stan
From: Jordan Ogg

Personally I think this songs crap except from the sample MM has stolen for

I like the bit with the woman singing in the back so me and a mate sat and
worked it out:


Am  (x02210)
F      (x33211)
C     (x3201x)
G     (320033)
B/Em?   (x2000x)

Am              F                       G               C       B/Em?
My teas gone cold, Im wondering why, I got out of bed at all,
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/eminem/stan_crd_ver_3.html ]
Am              F                       G               C       B/Em?
The morning rain clouds up my window, and I canít see at all, 

Am              F                       G               C       B/Em?
even if I could it would all be grey, but your pictures on my wall, 

Am            F         G               C               B/Em?
it reminds me that its not so bad, its not so bad at all.

The whole song follows the same pattern throughout.

If anyone knows what artist the sample was taken from could they email me so
I can try to find the original song.