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Out Of Nothng Chords

Out Of Nothing - Out Of Nothing - Embrace(2004)
Tom Wilson
Kevin Firman
Colin Ramsay
Verse is Bb c Dm F
Chorus is Bb Gm Asus4 A
Outro is Bb c Dm F
chords supplied by Mickey Dale 
Rev. 1.0 - 12/9/2004 - Lyrics.

From Happy And Lost -- http://www.happyandlost.co.uk
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Verse 1
Bb      c           Dm        F               Bb      c          Dm    F
Out of nothing you came to my arms and you're right I fell every time
Bb         c             Dm             F         Bb 
You're the first and the last time that I'll ever try
    c       Dm  F Bb   c      Dm F Bb c       Dm   F
So dry your eyes, I'll say goodbye, I say goodbye...

verse 2

Bb      c           Dm        F               Bb 
I'm left hanging like all dancing bears

I need rope to keep me in line

I can't stop them, there's more bombshells coming
I choke
More words, more lies
I'll say goodbye, I'll say goodbye...

Chorus - Bb Gm Asus4 A