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From: wvaughan@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (William Vaughan)
Subject: CRD's Elvis Costello - Deportee (acoustic)

Deportee (acoustic)
Elvis Costello
From the "Goodbye Cruel World" Ryko reissue

C                 G              Am
In the Arrivderci Roma nightclub bar and grill

F                          C
Standing in the fiberglass ruins

         G    F     Bb
Watching time stand still

C                 G
All your troubles you confess

   G/B              C
To another faceless backless dress

C                G/B
Schnaps, cianti, porter and ouzo

Am     Am/G   Am/F#     D7       F
Perond vodka, sambuca I love you so


G                      G
There's a tatty beauty talkin in riddles

Am         Am/G     Am/F#  D7   F
Rome burns down and every..body fiddles


      F                      C                Dm
But a thousand dollars won't buy you a Yankee wife unless

          F                 C               G       F      Bb
There's a thousand years of history drowned in this chaser glass
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    C               G
And now I wish that she was mine

  Am         Am/G   Am/F#  D7   F
I could have been a king in 6/8 time

      Am                      D   Am
Its a brittle charm but she's had enough

                         D              G
Still she wrote her name upon his paper cuff

        C                                     G
And you don't know where to start or where to stop

         C                      F7
All this pillow talk is nothing more than

D7              G     G/F  G/E  G/D  (on D string)
Finally talking shop

G      C                    G                Am
When I came here tonight my pockets were overflowing

     F              C                 G F   Bb
They took my return ticket without me even knowing

     C                      G
So I pray to the saints and all the maytrs

        G/B            C
For the secret life of Frank Sinarta

C                                     F
But none of these things ever come to pass

   Am      Am/G    Am/F# D7      F
In America the law is a piece of ass

Deportee  So its

C                G/B
Schnaps, cianti, porter and ouzo

Am     Am/G   Am/F#     D7       F
Perond vodka, sambuca I love you so

      C    F          C  F       C
Deportee   Poor Deportee   Deportee