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This Train Dont Stop Chords

Elton John - this train dont stop

intro  F....Em+5..D....Cm..Bb

    D						D/C#	Bm..down..up
you may not believe it but i dont believe in miracles anymore
    Em			    Em/D			Em/A     A
and when i think about it i dont believe i ever did for sure
all the things ive said in songs
	D/C#		     Bm..down..up
all the purple cloths you've bought for me
  Em					Em/D
reality's just black and white and the sentimental things i write
Em/A			   A
never meant that much to me

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i used to be the main express
all steamin whistles heading west
Gm			Gm/F
pickin up my pain from door to door
riding on the storyline
furnace burning overtime
    Bb		     C
but this train dont stop
F	   Em	Dm
this train dont stop
Bb		C
this train dont stop there

anymore  F....Em+5..D....Cm..Bb      to bridge.....F..Fsus...F

     D						D/C#	Bm..down..up
you dont need to hear it but im dried up and sick to death of love
Em			  Em/D		    Em/A       A
if you need to know it i never really understood that stuff
D						D/C#	       Bm..down..up
all the stars and bleeding hearts all the tears that welled up in my eyes
Em			  Em/D
never meant a thing to me read em as they say and weep
Em/A			   A
i never felt enough to cry

Bb				Am			Gm
when i say that i dont care it really means my engines breaking down
     Dm				     Gm
the chisle chips my heart again the granite cracks beneath my skin
Bb			C
im crumbling to peices on the ground