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Sweet Adeline Chords

Sweet Adeline by Elliot Smith off the album XO
An awesome song!!

Standard tuning




Bb       Eb      D         G  G7
Cut this picture into you and me
Bb      Eb        D               G  G7
Burn it backwards kill this history
Bb      Eb   D                G  G7
Make it over make it stay away
   Bb               Eb          D        
Or hate'll sing the ending that love started to say

Back to the intro (1 time through)
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Verse 2:
          Bb          Eb             D     
There's a kid a floor below me saying brother can you
  G  G7
Bb             Eb              D             G  G7     
Sunshine for a brother old man winter's in the air
Bb             Eb    D              G  G7
Walked me up a story asking how you are
Bb             Eb             D                      Told me not to
worry you were just a shooting star

Repeat intro again  then....breakout into the most triumphant
chorus...sing along if you dare.

       Eb     Bb    F   G#   C#   C#   E
Sweet  adeline   
       Eb     Bb    F   G#   C#   C#   E
Sweet  adeline
       Eb      Bb   F   G#   C#   C#   E 
My   clementine
       Eb      Bb   F   G#   B     B   D  D
Sweet  adeline

Repeat intro once more.

Verse 3:

      Bb              Eb              D      
Its a picture perfect evening and i'm staring down the
  G  G7
Bb     Eb    D                 G  G7
Fully loaded deaf and dumb and done
Bb          Eb          D             G  G7
Waiting for sedation to disconnect my head
Bb         Eb              D               G  G7
Or any situation where I'm better off than dead

End with playing the G chord over and over until the music's comes to a