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I Wont Cry Chords

I wont cry - Elin Lanto

C      C

Chorus: 1

C        C
I wont cry 
Im telling you that 
G        G
I wont cry
And even if I do
Its not because of you
I promies you that 
G        C           
I wont cry

C         G               
I Wonder why happiness 
      F       C        
Is so easily lost
       Am         Dm
All my dreams and expectations
    F            G
Are turned into dust

Chorus 1
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C            G
So hurt and defenseless
    Dm              C
Im left here on my own
       Am                   Dm
Im so scared that Ill miss you

     F              G
So afraid of being alone

Chorus 1

            F         C
You cant hurt me anymore 
                F            C
Ill wipe the tears from my eyes 
         F           C
This is over now, forever 
      Dm               G
It is time to say goodbye 

Chorus 2:  2x

Chorus 2:

D D  A A   Hm   Em   A   D

Andrs T.M.